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Do you have some spare cash you want to use to buy a new watch but don’t know which?

Well, we did the work for you, here are the

Top 3 Trending Watch Brands OF 2019

We have made a lot of research on what are clients looking for. How far will they go to buy a watch. you know, more precious the watch,the harder it is to find.

We will start with the third watch brand in our list which is:


Omega is a brand who is targeting on all type of people.

you’ve got the Omega Speedmaster which was worn during the first American spacewalk as part of NASA’s Gemini 4 mission, which became the first watch on the moon.

It got the name speedmaster because of the Chronograph. It was used in battles but became famous for pilots and racers. From there the name “Speed”Master

The reason we did choose Omega as the top third trendy watches in our list is because they have a history. They are the first in many things. They have both, classic and sport design watches and the most important: They ask a decent price for their watches

The average price you will spend on an Omega second hand watch (steel) will be around 4000 euro.


Up next on the second place is


Rolex is not just a watch, it is a masterpiece.


Each and every step they take they do it carefully and they to it in a way, you can’t copy it. Rolex his value is rising each 2 months and one of the main reason for it is that Rolex does not give you the chance to get the watch you want. You have to go to their shop an make an order (Yes you pay a big part or the full amount of the watch) and you will get it in… a minimum of 2 years! Or if you want it directly, you pay at least 25% above retail price. (for watches of aged of minimum 2010) This is a very smart move of them because before, prizes of Rolex just remain the same.




The most famous models are:

  1. Datejust II
  2. Sea-Dweller (Deepsea)
  3. Day Date
  4. Daytona
  5. Sub Mariner

The average price you will spend on a Rolex second hand watch from 2007. will be around 8000 euro.


And here it is, the moment we were waiting for.

The first place goes to the watch for the big guys.

Patek Philippe

This is a watch for the big guns.

prizes of these watches are rising at an enormous speed because of its rareness and mechanic complications.

If you’ve a big amount to spent, you should go for the Patek Philippe brand.  People who will notice you wearing it, will definitely know who you are.

The average price you will spend on an Patek Philippe second hand watch will be around 30000 euro.




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