Who doesn’t try to invest on something for the future.

Some people are investing in houses, some in luxury bags, some in bitcoins and some in… Watches

Investing in watches is a good idea if your capital isn’t so big. For most of the people in the world buying a house as investment is not so easy than a Bag or a Watch.

Bags like Chanel are each year 20%+ more expensive as you can see in the graphic

in the following link: Chanel price history

Bags are cheaper than watches but there are a few reasons why it isn’t always a good idea to buy them.

  1. Over the years the wear of the bag increases.
  2. Some models are not “Trendy” after a while.
  3. Lot’s of people are afraid buying used bags since there are so much copies of it ( some you just can’t compare!)

Enough about bags now lets get down for business.

Watches are one for the best investments nowadays. That if you buy the right one, but this we will discuss next time.

The reasons watches are one of the most used as investments:

  1. Some models are increased in price each year (some even every couple of months!)
  2. Some models are always “Trendy”
  3. If you need some cash, you will lose less money selling a watch comparing to selling a bag
  4. you always got “The” costumer that is willing to buy that watch
  5. you can choose from thousands brands, thousands different prizes. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or big capital, you always have a watch that is in your price category that you can buy as investment.

And we can go on with the reasons.

Keep in mind that comparing to houses and bags who are losing value with the time because of wear or in case of a house, needs a renovation. On watches you have also signs of wear (Scratches, holes, broken glas etc…) but you can always repair it. Repairing will cost you between 500-1500 euro. bags you can’t fix most of the times and renovating a house wil cost you… A lot.

Another fun fact investing in watches is that you can actually use it.

You can wear it all day and all night long. Many people are even sleeping wearing them.