Welcome to Precious Time EU.

Precious Time EU is created by a group of young people who really loves watches.

In fact it was a hobby before it became a job.

We offer a large amount of watches and as you can see, we are always one of the Cheapest in the market. (Visit Chrono24 and compare the prizes you will notice that we are always at the top or at least the first page)

How do we do that?

Well, we’ve got a couple of reasons why we are able to be the cheapest:

  1. We are our own watchmakers.
  2. We travel around the world to buy the watch at the best, but in the mean time sharpest price
  3. We work 24/7


We Are Our Own Watchmakers

We are professional watchmakers who studied over 4 years to repair all watch brands and mechanical parts. All watches we buy are being serviced, repaired and even polished by us. We do not pay to somebody else to do that and if you make a quick calculation, you will see why we are able to sell watches cheaper than others. Servicing a watch will cost you at least 200-500 Euro or more depends on the watch, polishing between 150-700 Euro or more depends on brand and watch. We save at the beginning, before even buying a watch at least 300 Euro so we may sell it to you for 300 Euro less.


We travel around the world to buy the watch at the best, but in the mean time sharpest price

We are traveling a lot. And with a lot i mean 1-3 times a week by car, at least 1-2 times/month by plane.

Why are we traveling so much you might think?

Well, people nowadays are… lazy

They don’t like to move to much even if they might get higher prizes if they just come to us. So they contact us, sending all details through our form on the website, Email or Whatsapp. Then we discuss the price and if we agree we come to you. Because we travel to the seller, we usually offer less then normal, but that is still not the main reason we can sell you a watch cheaper than others.

*Please note that for security reasons we do only travel to dealers, not private persons.

The main reason why we sometimes can be cheaper with some watches is because of the local Hype / Trend. Example: Some places they love Omega more than Breitling, meaning that we could buy Breitling for a lower price and sell Omega for a higher price.


We work 24/7

We literally work 24/7.

  1. We are available on the after hours through phones and emails.
  2. We are available on holidays and weekends

Yes, we may look like workaholics, or even are a tiny bit. But the world of watches is huge, we’ve got to travel and explore new market places, new watches, new tactics, compete against others (and win) . We learn each day something new which always is important.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below or contacting us.